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July 08 2017

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Throwback Thursday, something not so old, unpublished sketchbook doodle from February.

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Don’t talk shit about people’s teeth. Seriously.

Speaking as a major dental hygiene enthusiast…

Great-looking teeth come from two things: luck and money (which is also a function of luck).

  • Dental procedures tend to be very, very expensive, and are almost never covered by insurance.
  • Healthy teeth aren’t necessarily big, straight or bright white. Depending on what someone’s natural teeth are like, achieving that look may require a significant downgrade in their dental health; unnecessary crowns and veneers cause damage.
  • Do not underestimate genetics’ role in determining teeth’s appearance, or how prone teeth are to problems. Genes and early development, i.e. things people get zero control over, can outweigh all else.
  • A wide range of chronic conditions impact oral health and teeth’s appearance, too, and may contraindicate various types of work or raise procedures’ cost even more.
  • Finally, for many people and many reasons, celebrity-looking teeth just aren’t a priority (even when they’re attainable; some people might want, y’know, a new car instead).

Regardless, don’t be an asshole. Not even very attractive teeth look good on those.

I’ve NEVER seen a post like this and I’m thrilled TBH because I’m very insecure about my teeth and there is literally one reason they are not nice and that is money so I’m literally down for teeth positivity

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Botox Sacrifice

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“…anyway” as an insult is so powerful yet concise

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This is beautiful

i will literally never not reblog this.

do people really say that

Yea I’ve heard people say that shit

Yes, they say it all the time.


Here’s her account, her tattoos are so fantastic to look at.

reblogging for the tattoo artists IG to be boosted

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Sketchbook XI, 2013
Ink on paper

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❝ In spite of everything I shall rise again: I will take up my pencil, which I have forsaken in my great discouragement, and I will go on with my drawing. ❞ Van Gogh (1853-1890)

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Fika is the Swedish tradition of having coffee, cake, and a chat. It’s such an integral part of the culture that many businesses have fika twice a day, and sometimes it’s mandatory. Source Source 2

According to IKEA’s corporate website: “Some of the best ideas and decisions happen at fika.“

so after reblogging this to find out if other countries had this as well, i found out the following:

  • germany: yeah we have something similar called “Kaffee und Kuchen” :)
  • america: i work 16 hours per day at minimum wage and get a 7 minute unpaid lunch break, and instead of “fika” i have “suffering” and “death”
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Bioluminescence Defense

fuckin fish has a goddamn anime attack

At what level did this fish learn ice beam?

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KW at Don P

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