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September 02 2017

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25 years of ads peeled away

A warning


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My nose was bleeding earlier cause I scratched it but it turned into almost nosebleed worthy bleeding situation which resulted in me addressing my nose by saying “calm down, edgelord”. The internet has ruined me.

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Didn’t drink the fancy bottles, they live in my freezer now– drinking makes me feel like shit every time. A) it is shitty and terrible for me and as much as I enjoy a headache, I’ll stick with the non-alcoholic related ones and B) I’m working on my fitness and overall health. No more smokes. No more poison. Diet is getting better. Now for skating and yoga and lifting and all of those active things I loved but “haven’t gotten around to it” since I moved to Oregon. No more excuses. 🌿 (at Medford, Oregon)

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Stinky Pads? White vinegar and warm water soak and then tea tree in cold water soak. Let them things dry for awhile and BAM no more gear stank! Phewww.

September 01 2017


you must teach your heart to accept what cannot be changed.

Mostly head. And then heart. Both equally?

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You know how much I love interesting pathologies… so naturally I had to share these photos with you guys!

This is a conjoined bat that was either stillborn or died at birth (as evidenced by the attached placenta)! They were discovered in southeastern Brazil in 2001 and researchers believe the twins are Neotropical fruit bats (Artibeus).

These photos were taken by Nadja L. Pinheiro, from Área de Embriologia, Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro.


In case you needed it tonight: here’s a hug. It’s a cozy hug. There is no awkwardness, just the feeling of comfort, acceptance, and lent strength. It’s a calming, soothing hug. Just for you. I love you. Sleep well.

August 31 2017

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Maple veggie sausage, eggs, peppers, and mixed greens with some salsa. ☺️

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get to know me: favorite team → team avatar (open in new tab for larger size!!)
Sokka: “I just wanted to say: good effort out there today, Team Avatar.”
Katara: “Enough with the Team Avatar stuff. No matter how many times you say it, it’s not gonna catch on!”
Sokka: “How about the Boomerang Squad? See, it’s good cause it has Aang in it - Boomer-Aang!

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Meet 16-year-old Joanna Wirażka, part of a new generation of artists who use the Earth as their canvas.The Polish artist told Upworthy via email that she painted her first leaf on New Year’s Eve of last year. While all of her friends were getting ready for a party, she spent the whole day painstakingly drying, painting, and coloring – inspired by the brilliant hues of the fireworks in the night sky.She never thought anyone would care until, she says, a popular art blog shared an Instagram photo of that first leaf, and she suddenly gained thousands of fans.The overwhelming response inspired her to do more work with leaves.(Source)

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Animations by Joel Roset

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Skate gif Sunday 

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So I’ve been playing the Uncharted games for a minute and my only complaint is they keep me busy for about a day. I love them. Perfectly challenging (for someone not so great with shooters but getting better). It’s been really fun. #uncharted2 #uncharted3 (at Medford, Oregon)

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